30 October 2007

Bella Doing Just Swell-a

Bella Sees Strong Sales on Opening Weekend, 2nd Highest Per Theater

Some highlights from the article:
"Bella... opened solidly with $1.3 million over the weekend in a limited release in just 31 cities. Though other movies achieved higher gross sales, they needed significantly more theaters to do so."

"[Saw IV] had the highest per theater average of any in the top ten with $10,087 per theater over 3,183 theaters across the nation. Bella firmly established itself in second place with $7,784 on average at each of the 167 theaters where it opened this weekend."

"Bella opens in another 12 cities on November 9, including Albuquerque, Des Moines, Duango, Colorado, El Paso, Green Bay, Honolulu, Madison, Milwaukee, Minneapolis, Oklahoma City, Pittsburgh and Tucson."

"The sales figures could prompt its distributor to move to a larger release in the coming weeks."

24 October 2007

The New View on Sex

The New View on Sex

Another great blog from two chastity educators reaching out to the world to offer a fresh perspective on sexuality. No puritanism, no overindulgence, just the truth about life and the human body. They've got some great posts that are both informative and generate some good discussion. Make your way over there and check it out. Oh, and I'm so getting a banner like theirs for Rise of the TOB!!

23 October 2007

Bella is Beautiful!

Bella Website
Theaters Showing Bella

A few weeks go I had the privilege of seeing a screening of the the Toronto Film Festival's People's Choice Award winning film, Bella. Although it has been well promoted for a very under-the-radar, independent type of film, I was still very unclear as to the type of movie it was. I can say now that I am happy I knew little about it, and I don't intend to spoil the plot here for anyone else.

What I will say is this... GO SEE IT! Storm the theaters this weekend - it opens this Friday, October 26 - and let the movie industry folks know that these are the types of movies people want to see.

It's simple, heartfelt, and down-to-earth. The acting is good and the characters are easy to love. It's not like most American movies, in fact it's quite different. I believe the difference is that its much more real that anything Hollywood has been spewing lately.

I'm a big movie fan. I like action, I like comedy, I like sci-fi. I'm critical of suspect acting and cheesiness. I like explosions and special effects, but I like it with a dose of meaning and a sound message. While Bella isn't the type of movie to warrant CGI or expert stunt men, it is a movie I fell in love with for its gripping story and brave theme. There's nothing corny about it. It's just a great all-around flick.

So, drag your friends out. Treat your parents or your kids. Take your significant other. It's a movie that all should see to remind us what we can do with the power of media.

09 October 2007

The New Sexual Revolution

The New Sexual Revolution Blog

Seriously, go check out this blog. I am so excited that I came upon it! Total TOB geek out in progress! Anyways, this blog's run by a group of young men and women on fire, spreading the Gospel of Life, and giving tips for how to live it. Considered it added to the blogroll.