21 March 2008

The Pinnacle

I just haven't been writing a whole lot. I shouldn't make any excuses but I'm going to anyway. Full-time youth ministry, part-time abstinence educating, part-time grad school, and planning a wedding leaves me with very little time to update the blog. I apologize to those who were following it closely and may have phased out. In fact, there are probably few reading this now :( But, truth be told, mostly good things have kept me away from "The Rise". I believe I can speak for Laura, as well as any other potential contributors when I say, we'll try to do better! Please continue to keep us in your prayers.

Of course, today is Good Friday. The day Our Lord gave his life so that we might be free from the chains of sin that we found ourselves bound to since the fall of man. And, how those chains continue to hold us down! The hurt I see in people, especially people my age (mid-late 20's) is horrifying. God has already won this battle! He has already come to untie us, to destroy the shackles! But out of love, he lets us choose to be free or not. Is there a better day to choose to be freed? If you are bound to anything... alcohol, drugs, smoking, promiscuous sex, jealousy, greed, hate, pornography, gossip, the occult - ANYTHING... LAY IT AT THE FOOT OF THE CROSS. The Lord will take it away. Of nothing else could I be so certain. His Mercy is greater than anything evil can muster.

Thanks for reading. God Bless.

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