27 April 2009

Love & Monkeys

A neat little snippet of a talk by Dr. Janet Smith


Anonymous said...

VERY interesting! It's funny we never hear about this theory as to why homosexuality is on the rise...well, not funny at all. Unfortunately, people are too content to just stick their heads in the sand. So, if this theory is true, then I guess we can say that homosexuality IS a "choice"...the choice to have a society where it's women are infertile and pumped full of synthetic hormones. I can't help but think of all of the romantic comedies I've seen where the female complains about "all of the men are either taken or are gay"...well my sweet, maybe it's something YOU are putting out there...or not.

Nolan Reynolds said...

Thanks for posting! As you can see I haven't done much with the blog in a while but I am glad that people are still finding it useful.

The video is very interesting indeed. Janet Smith is great. She has a lot of good talks that are available on CD and gives all kinds of interesting tidbits like this. We are in some sorry state right now and there are lots of factors going into it that you'd never even know about!