08 December 2007

It's Common Sense

Here's the video for "Retrospect for Life" (1997) by one of my favorite rappers, Common, featuring Lauryn Hill of the Fugees. I don't see eye to eye with Common on many issues, and I'm not sure I'm 100% on the ball with him here. Still, he makes some really profound statements that cut to the heart as he recalls his struggle to decide with his girlfriend whether or not to get an abortion. He even imagines himself feeling guilty in the future. The song is dedicated to his son, so I think we know what they decided. At least one "N-bomb" is dropped in case you might be offended.

"I'ma use self control instead of birth control
Cause $315 ain't worth your soul
$315 ain't worth your soul
$315 ain't worth it"

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