10 December 2007


I would like to post a more thorough review in the future, but I feel compelled to at least tell you all briefly about this very important book. I finished reading Unprotected by Dr. Miriam Grossman about a month ago after it was recommended at an abstinence education seminar. In the book, Grossman, a campus psychiatrist with over 10 years of experience at UCLA who originally published under the name Anonymous MD, reveals the truth about political correctness on the college campus. No doubt, it has gotten out of control. By taking real cases and switching the names and places for the privacy of her patients, the author explains the many ways that members of her profession endanger students by being tight-lipped, "nice", and frankly too darn liberal. Young, sexually active adults are at risk for more diseases than ever. Birth control and contraceptive methods continue to prove to be unreliable, unhealthy, and damaging to future hopes of fertility. Abortion may indeed bring about severe emotional distress. Risky-sexually activity, especially that of homosexuals, places people at greater harm, leading to disease and other mental and emotional problems. These are statements that people do not want to hear. And according to Dr. Grossman, doctors don't want to share them. But they are true, backed by science and statistical evidence. At the expense of our "being nice" and avoiding challenging someone's lifestyle choices are today's young people. As someone who falls in this age bracket (or I guess a bit older), I cannot disagree with Dr. Grossman. There is a generation of misinformed young adults out there seeking fun, excitement, and love. Instead they are getting pain, heartache, and STDs. Finally someone has the guts to stand up and say that there is a problem. Grossman's book should be required reading for all college students, all parents of college students, all high school guidance counselors, and anyone else who has anything to do with sending kids to college. Most importantly this book should be read by those in the medical field who can really make a difference.
This is a health book. Every issue that Grossman confronts is backed with facts and experience. Still, she is not afraid to admit the effect that the PC world of the college campus has had on religion... and that its not good. Grossman, a Jewish woman, recognizes the great qualities of good faith and it's healthy effects on young believers. Her field has ignored this though.
I was just so totally impressed by Grossman's boldness and dedication to the truth. She pulls no punches, and yet comes off like a very concerned, professional, and absolutely brilliant psychiatrist. There are signals coming from everywhere, not just from the Church. They are telling us that something is wrong. They are telling us that we were made for more. Unprotected is one of those signals.

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