27 February 2008

The Lost "Rise of the TOB" Contributor!

Hello again!

I just wanted to make sure any readers of the "Rise of the TOB" blog knew that I wasn't really lost. I originally posted back in December (you can search back for that one) when Nolan first invited me to be a part of the blog. But then the craziness of life over the holidays and life since then got the best of me and I failed to come back here to contribute. So here I am again and I will try to make a better effort at posting to the "Rise" in the future. Some TOB thoughts since my last post...

From Christmas to Valentine's Day, I was gone every weekend but one. This included two Notre Dame weddings and two Notre Dame retreats - if I had to be away so many weekends, what could have been better? For me, these were great weekends away - to reconnect with some old friends and to reflect on life in general. After the weddings though, I was really conscious of the fact that I have some pretty solid friends. Both Notre Dame couples did not live together before their wedding and both couples also saved themselves for each other and remained abstinent until their wedding night. For me, this is all "very TOB" as I like to say. I'd like to think that this is normal for twenty-five year olds but as I returned home to NY after many weekends away, I realized that these two couples were really living the counter-cultural message of the TOB - even if they didn't exactly realize it as such. I commend them for being committed to what they believed in their hearts to be true and to what they believed would be the best decision for their future marriage. I thank both couples for their witness to me and to others of God's profound grace when you follow His will. God bless them!

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