11 February 2008

A VERY Inconvenient Truth

This article(here) is nearly a year old. I'm sure many blogs have long since covered it. But this truth is not passe. Things have not gotten better.
More Than 1 in 4 U.S. Women Aged 14-59 Has HPV Infection.

HPV is the most common sexually-transmitted infection (STI) in America. It is rampant. There are over 100 different strands of it, over 30 of which are sexually-transmitted. What most people don't know is that it is transmitted by SKIN-TO-SKIN CONTACT (not the exchange of body fluids). And you can get it from all sexually activity... not just intercourse. A condom provides no known effectiveness in preventing HPV. Not all strands have recognizable symptoms. If you're sexually active, you could have it and not know it.

Oh, and there is no way to test for HPV on men.

So... what does the drug industry to do? It pushes a drug called Gardasil on young ladies (ages 9-26) . Because they have no self-control of course, heaven forbid we suggest to them that they abstain from sexual activity. What's the drug do? Prevents 4 of the 30 sexually transmitted types of HPV. 2 of which cause cervical cancer - there are other types that cause cervical cancer which Gardasil is not effective on.

You've seen the commercial... "ONE LESS"

One less what? One less person infected by HPV? Only if it happens to be one of the four Gardasil has an effect on.

One less victim of cervical cancer? Only if you aren't infected by the type of cancer-causing HPV that Gardisil doesn't have an effect on.

The "One Less" campaign is a sham. It's a false sense of security. What it really says is that our daughters and sisters are nothing more than animals who cannot control themselves, and so are the young men who are coming after them. Overrun by the instincts, they do not have the mental capacity to say "no". I say, OUR KIDS DESERVE BETTER.

Any doctor who doesn't suggest abstinence as a healthy choice to a young woman should have their license revoked. You want One Less? How about one less sexually active teen. Or one less person who can't wait until marriage. That is the kind of campaign we need.

After years of sex without consequences, it's finally coming back to haunt us. These are trying times. The truth has never been clearer... Chastity is the most healthy choice.

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Emily said...

Very true! You should see girls' faces when we mention in class that the vaccine (which many of them have already received)only covers four strains of HPV. They (and their parents) are in shock because they were totally misled.

Yes, chastity is the answer!